Transparent code can still mean secure data

Selling free and open source software to the U.S. government, our bosses, and ourselves

Lines of code on a computer screen
Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash
  • Stories of ‘wins’ and not-so-successful attempts
  • Drawbacks and benefits to using FOSS
  • Security best practices
  • Clearing misconceptions around FOSS (including what the “free” part actually means)
  • Hilarious Star Trek memes
  • 4:26 — What IS free software?
  • 5:55 — Why new code written in FOSS should still be able to run on Windows
  • 6:14 — Tackling the misconception that free software isn’t secure
  • 9:03 — Who has more bugs, FOSS or proprietary software? (The answer may surprise you)
  • 10:04 — Why it’s hard for users to make the jump from proprietary software to FOSS
  • 10:55 — How CivicActions has committed to using FOSS
  • 12:14 — Common drawbacks to using only FOSS and what we’ve learned from them
  • 17:28 — Having trouble convincing government to use FOSS? Try changing your language
  • 21:20 — Why it’s important to actively counter misinformation about FOSS
  • 23: 45 — Help make FOSS more credible by using website badges
  • 25:26 — FOSS security tips from our seasoned security / compliance champion
  • 30:12 — What the “free” in freeware really means



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